People standing

People are at the core of our business

Without our people, we’re nothing. Sure, our team is competent, but they also love what they do. Beyond technical capability is the attitude of the individual that contributes to the culture of our team and ultimately, the outcome for our clients.

The client carrying a briefcase

The Client is at the centre of every decision

The very first thing that we foster and grow within our staff culture is that the customer is at the centre of every decision. It’s never “too hard”. We breed objective driven problem solvers, so we’ll always work towards solving the problems of our clients.

Success with a tick!

Success that stems from solid principles

Our team is driven towards creating real value for our clients because we genuinely want to contribute to their success. We nurture a culture that is based on our values of trust, ownership and accountability.

Professional development and education

Engagement through professional development

We develop our people by identifying their areas for growth, and leveraging best-of-breed performance management methodologies. These methodologies are designed to align the individual goals of our people with the goals of our organisation. Thus, we create high levels of engagement where each individual understands how they contribute to the high level goals of the company.

Ever wondered why you would want a career at Tekspace?

We believe that our people make our company, and without them we’d be nothing. We believe in high quality work and lots of laughs; satisfying the client and developing as professionals. We’re a tight knit team of highly skilled professionals who enjoy a beer together on Friday nights.

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Professional Development

We value education and development. It keeps our team engaged and on top of their game, whilst at the same time ensuring that Tekspace stays ahead of the competition.

Be Challenged!

If you haven’t worked it out yet, we’re all about serious quality. The price of admission for high quality is hard work, plain and simple. Our clients trust us with some tough problems – this is where you come in.

Have fun! :)

Look, it’s all well and good to try hard and aim high, but at some point you need to just chill out and hang with your colleagues. On Friday nights, we can be found at bars and restaurants in St Kilda.

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