“PeopleStreme recognise Tekspace as a principal IT partner in the delivery of our IT Outsourced strategy. Tekspace intuitively understood that our requirements would continually change and by demonstrating a high learning agility, Tekspace has been fundamental in supporting PeopleStreme’s growth in the performance management space.” – Peter Vlant, COO

Peter Vlant at PeopleStreme

“Tekspace is a strategy partner and very much outcome driven. They recognise that they are the core component in the management of IT Vendors that serve our business; they architect and consolidate the management, they take ownership and this is an important foundation of PeopleStreme’s rapidly growing business. When we have a requirement and we ask for help, they own and manage the outcome, irrespective of whether they are the company delivering, providing or provisioning the solution.”

Peter Vlant , COO PeopleStreme

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