Maintain a level of security and performance across the areas you need.

Working in collaboration with you, we’ll help you identify workloads which are well suited to a Public Cloud platform. From there we work on the business case to ensure that the ROI makes sense and captures the measurable metrics we’ll use to evaluate the success of the project.

Application Readiness for Cloud

You run one or more applications, often serving your customers or staff via a web browser. The architecture of these applications is not yet optimised for high availability, load balancing and scale on a Public Cloud Platform. Tekspace can support your transition of these applications with a hybrid solution designed to accommodate for the shortfalls in architecture whilst enabling your move to Public Cloud.

Web-based Applications

Whether it’s as simple as hosting your website or more complex, web based applications present the most obvious choice for transition to Public Cloud whilst maintaining some key systems internally.

Transition to Public Cloud over time

For many, the transition to Public Cloud involves many unknowns. You may have complex workloads and specific disaster recovery requirements.

At Tekspace, we’ll work with you to help the transition to Public Cloud for some of your key systems, whilst maintaining the integration, support and reliability of internally managed infrastructure. This could be you extending your file system into Public Cloud storage or bursting onto Public Cloud for short-term workloads that need massive computing power.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

You are mandated by law, customer contracts or other internal reasons to protect and maintain your customer and or internal data in the most secure manner possible. Whilst needing to comply, you seek to take advantage of Public Cloud platform features without compromising your obligations.

Tekspace can help design and implement a hybrid solution that enables you to deliver the benefits of Public Cloud whilst ensuring integrity of your data.

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