About Tekspace

We played with computers before we could ride bikes

Maybe it explains why working with technology feels so natural to us? It might also explain why businesses like yours trust us with their entire IT footprint (for years on end).

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We're the single point of ownership between IT and the rest of your business

Tekspace is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We help small to mid-market businesses be more productive, and grow.

We do it by managing and supporting your IT, your people and your strategic IT decisions - because when IT performs well, you can too.

Tekspace takes ownership of your entire IT footprint.

And every day, thousands of people depend on the IT we design and manage

From 9 to 5'ers to shift workers, in offices or warehouses - each one of our clients is unique. But just like you, they all rely on IT to do their best work.

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David B

Five Star Rating

Working with Tekspace has helped us to think more about IT and what it does for our business. By working with Tekspace, we gained better access to problem solving ability. There’s a far greater breadth and depth of knowledge, which is spread across their entire team.

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Kate G

Five Star Rating

I deal with Tekspace in the workplace and am always so impressed with how quick they are to deal with issues and communicate progress to us. The guys are always super friendly and awesome to deal with.

Meet our leadership team

Each member of our leadership team has been in the IT industry since their teens. We care deeply about the quality of our services and - most of all - our customers' IT success.

Frank De Pasquale, Founder and CEO at Tekspace

Frank De Pasquale

Founder and CEO

George Hagivassilis, Chief Commercial Officer at Tekspace

George Hagivassilis

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Ross, Service Director at Tekspace

Mike Ross

Service Director

Our values are at the centre of everything we do

People first. The care we show our people is reflected in their work, and the benefits flow through to our clients.

Embrace change. Be willing to challenge in search for something better. And when you find it, embody it.

Do it right the first time. Find permanent solutions, then lead them through to completion.

Be kind. Everyone is someone's child. We all make mistakes. There is never a good reason to be a dickhead.

But to really understand who we are, we need to take you back to the late 90's

Frank De Pasquale, CEO at Tekspace

Hi there! I'm Frank, the founder of Tekspace. That's me in the photo. Wondering how we got here? Well, let's spend a bit of time at the beginning.

You see, it all started with my Dad.

The year was 1996. People were mesmerised by their computers, but also walking with their eyes looking forward - enough to give you a nod or a wave when you passed them in the street.

Ahh *reminiscing*. Those were simpler times.

I was about 15 years old. We didn't have much growing up, but Dad was a hard worker with a good heart, and - after what was probably many late nights - he saved up to buy my first PC.

Which I broke. And Dad helped me fix.

A lot.

My first IT support business

If I were to go back in time and ask 15 year old me why he liked computers so much, he'd probably just shrug with a dead-pan stare. As you know, 15 year old kids have a real knack for self expression.

But there must have been something magic about fixing computers.

Because only a year later (just like any other typical 16 year old) I started my first IT support business.

I took out ads in Local Leader newspapers and - as I started to take on more clients - I began to learn first-hand about the love/hate relationship between people and their machines.

Growing up

As I grew older, I realised I need a more grown-up business, so I started Compuiteco to provide IT support to small businesses.

My first ever client came easy - a car dealership in Preston, VIC. The rest of them, I got the hard way.

Lots of doors. Lots of knocking. Lots of (polite) "no thank you".

But lucky for me, I got enough "yes please" to help make slow growth (and lots of mistakes). I grew Compuiteco to the limits of my capability, then sold it in 2005.

OsBTI is formed

After the sale of Compuiteco, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'd do next. But what kept bouncing around between my ears were the conversations I had with my clients.

They'd all tell me the same story - as though they'd got together to compare notes.

Client: "Can we do/have/try this"?

IT Vendor: "No. No one else has asked for that". "No. It's not been done before." "No. It's always been done this other way.

I mean. This just pissed me off.

Just because something has been done one way, doesn't mean it can't be done another way.

A better way.

One that actually helps businesses solve their problems rather than contributing to them. To this day, this is the attitude we have at Tekspace (more about our culture later).

So I started my third IT business, OsBTI.

By now you're probably wondering, "What does OsBTI even mean?"

And that's why we re-branded to Tekspace in 2009.

The "Aha" moment

Fast forward a few years. We've grown again, and so have our clients - some of whom are ASX listed firms.

But despite growth, our industry (us included!) seems to have stagnated.

Businesses like ours are offering the same IT support for the same reasons. Clients call with a problem, IT companies fix them. Rinse. Repeat.

And so there we were, asking ourselves that same question.

"Surely there's a better way to do this?"

"What if we had a way to measure the difference between IT best practice, and our clients' IT at any point in time? Then, we'd have absolute hard data (presented in a language we can all understand) to help our clients build an IT improvement roadmap that aligns with their goals.

We'd prevent numerous IT problems from ever occurring in the first place, not to mention the boost in staff productivity."

I know it sounds boring. But this simple, data driven approach is the reason why many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.

And looking back now, this was our "Aha!" moment. The moment we finally put all the pieces together.

We're no longer just an IT support business, and IT isn't just a tool. It's an enabler for serious growth.

Today, Tekspace is better than it ever was.

I'm still here, but I've got George and Mike by my side.

Together, we've learned how to speak the language of our clients, to understand the role that IT plays in their business, and how we could become the IT partner that would help secure their future.

Get in touch

Reach out, and a team member will be in touch within the next business day.


"I know that when we pick up the phone to get help, the problem gets fixed. We don’t have to have a conversation about price. Our staff see Tekspace as part of our organisation."

Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors