Today we’re going to talk to you about a new service released by Amazon Web Services called Amazon FSx. We’re going to talk about what it is, why you might use it and what the benefits are.

But before we dive under the hood of Amazon FSx, let’s step back a little and look at how your business stores data and files within your business today.

Each of you will have a file server, probably running on Windows Server technology. And on that file server, you’ll store Word documents, Excel documents, images and you’ll open and edit them all day long, every day. You’ll also have critical business systems and business software that reference those files on that file server.

Now over time, your file server might start to fill up with space, run out of capacity, reach it’s ‘end of life’ and eliminate any chance of another extended warranty. Now, you have a business problem.

So what do you do? You’ve got an ageing file server and there’s no more space left, meanwhile, your business continues to grow. That’s where Amazon FSx comes in.

What is Amazon FSx?

Amazon FSx is an (almost) instant Windows-compatible files storage system in the cloud. Rather than having your I.T. team procure some new hardware, some new software, install the new software, organize a maintenance plan, ensure that backups are integrated and turned on, they can simply turn on Amazon FSx and start to migrate your data to the cloud. All seamlessly, and of course, economically for your business.

What are the benefits of Amazon FSx?

First and foremost, you might have gathered that leveraging Amazon FSx will give your business huge agility and operational efficiency advantages. But let’s take a moment to look at Amazon FSx’s features.


Firstly, Amazon FSX is fast. Really fast. Because it uses SSD technology. That might not mean anything to you but simply put it means you can open your files, edit and close them a lot faster and consistently and there is guaranteed performance.


Amazon FSx is highly available. This means that your data is replicated to two different locations at a minimum at all times to protect you against hardware component failure.

Backup as standard

With Amazon FSX, your backup is integrated by default. This is really important because lots of businesses struggle with backup. Now when you turn on this file storage system in the cloud with Amazon it’s going to have backup already running, out of the box.

Automatic maintenance

Amazon FSx is automatically maintained. This means all the security patches and maintenance is done as part of the service. This dramatically reduces the I.T. operational overheads for your team, so you can spend resources on more important initiatives.

Windows compatible

Critically, Amazon FSx is Windows-native/compatible. So, what this means for your I.T. team (because they’re the ones that are responsible for migrating from Point A to Point B) is there’s not much relearning – if any – that they need to do. They simply copy the data from Point A to Point B and it continues to work – integrating with all your business systems – just like it does today.

Cost efficient

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Amazon FSx economical because (as with most AWS services) you only pay for what you use. Your business can move away from the idea of investing tens of thousands in large file storage systems, to paying only for the storage that you actually need over time.

There’s more where that came from

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