Your business loses time every time there's downtime.

We've studied years of service data to uncover the true cost of IT downtime. See for yourself.



Time lost per employee, per year.

Businesses with staff typically lose hours per employee, every year.


Total Time Lost

This means that your business is losing approximately hours in a given year.


Employees Per Year

In real terms, hours translates to approximately full time employees!

Managed IT Services.

The Core Platform is a unique mix of IT services working to power your people and their productivity.

IT Support

Problems fixed up to 25% faster.

Better IT support means problems and questions are solved quickly. This means your people can return to full productivity in less time.


Continually measuring and improving your IT over time.

Like a sports coach, we're constantly measuring your IT against best practice and patching the gaps. This increases reliabilty which results in less IT problems over time.


Using data to help you make smarter choices.

We’ll help you make informed decisions explained in easily understood terms and backed by fact.


Issues resolved before they're an issue.

The best kind of IT problem is the one that never happened. We watch over your IT and proactively fix problems before they impact productivity.

The Core Analysis

Become an IT superhero, overnight

You know IT is important, but do you know enough to make the best decisions?

You do now.


See the cracks in your business' IT

Before us there wasn’t a way to see where IT is causing your business the most pain. So we made one. The Core Analysis continually benchmarking your IT against hundreds of best practice.


We'll prioritise and repair them.

Every Core Analysis brings to you the top ten most critical issues facing your business today. Each explains the real-world business impact with a targeted solution pathway.


Your business gets its time back.

The more stable your IT foundation, the more time your business get's back to spend how it wants. Less downtime means more future opportunity.


of Core Analysis solution pathways are included in the Core Platform.

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Finally, a simple and predictable investment model.

"We were already a satisfied customer of four years when Tekspace proposed the Core Platform. For us, we had to trust that the Core Platform delivered on it's commercial promise in order to make the switch from a more traditional IT Services model. The difference has been night and day."

Fixed price per user, per month.

This means that your investment in IT management will predictably scale up or down, with your business.

An ROI that increases over time.

While your investment remains stable, the services within the Core Platform are constantly improving.

Stuck in an existing IT Services contract?

Don't sweat it. Your business might qualify for our contract transition program. We'll ask a few questions, it will only take 5 minutes.

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