We re-invented Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services designed to save your time.

Our research has found that for every 25 staff, IT downtime kills 1 FTE of useful time (about 1744 hours) every year. So we came up with the solution.

IT Support Services

Ensuring your people have fast access to smart help when they need it, wherever they are.

Improvement Services

Regular IT audits benchmark your IT against best practice so we can find and fix the most critical gaps.

Continuity Services

Working to identify and resolve incidents before they occur and impact your people.

IT Strategy Services

Make informed business decisions, see IT budget forecasts and get better solutions for less.

Diagram for Tekspace's IT Service Pillars
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All-inclusive Managed IT Services

Your new IT department is here

Behind your IT is a team of experts whose entire focus is the stability of your systems and the productivity of your people.

Security as standard

Licensing for top antivirus and anti-spam keeps you protected. Over time, we’ll swap them out with better products as they enter the market.

Unlimited IT support

Your people can call the IT helpdesk team as often as they need. For stickier issues, our senior engineers will travel onsite to the problem at no extra cost.

Deep IT asset management

We track every asset for its entire lifecycle. This includes when you purchased it, how much it cost, who has it and when it’s warranty expires.

24×7 Emergency Response Support
VIP Support
Mobile Device Support
Network Support and Management

Security and Software Updates
Network and IT Systems Monitoring
Backup Checks
Backup Restore Tests

Staff On-boarding and Exiting
Third Party Vendor Management
Monthly Service Reporting
Printer and Workstation Installations

Backup checks and testing

Every day, an engineer will check your backups to ensure they are working without failure. Once a month, we’ll restore a sample of data from backup to make sure it’s ready when you need it.

Measurable service levels

Our engineers assess every incident for its severity and impact on your business. Together, these factors determine Response and Resolution timeframes.

Transparent reporting

Monthly SLA and Uptime reports show how your systems have supported your people and how we have performed against our commitments to you.

Help is at your fingertips

The Premium Portal is available for everyone. Reach our team at a moment's notice, see live ticket updates, build custom approval workflows and find smarter ways to work.

Plan for your business' technology future

Imagine a Managed IT Service that can solve business problems as well as IT problems.

Contract review and negotiation

Save between $3k and $50k every year. We’ll help you know more about what you’re buying, whether it’s a good fit and if you’re getting value for money.

IT innovation insights

Keep your finger on the pulse. We’ll keep you updated when your business could take advantage of new technology.

Four-year IT cost forecasting

See a projection of all your IT costs so that you can better prepare for your financial future.

Andrew Gruskin

Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors

Tekspace looks after all the infrastructure that we use on a daily basis. Our servers, our desktops, our telecommunications, our internet connection. With the support lines and ticket management [our staff] see Tekspace as part of our organisation.

Continuously improving your technology

Regular IT Audits and Risk Assessments

We regularly benchmark your IT against hundreds of best practice standards to identify the gaps.

Focus your resources

We’ll show you which issues present the greatest risk so you can decide which to tackle first. As we close the gaps, your IT becomes more stable and your people experience less downtime.



Our Process

How we'll work together

Our process has been designed to help you clearly understand what you are buying, then quickly but smoothly transition your business to our care.

The goal of our first chat will be to work out if we’re a good fit for one another. We’ll set out to learn about your business, what your goals might be and how IT might be holding you back.

If you’ve got an in-house IT team, we’ll speak about our hand-over process or how we can complement one another.

If you’re working with an existing managed service provider (MSP), we’ll help you think about how to manage their expectations and your relationship with them.

Lastly, we’ll help you understand what we do and how we work. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to know whether we’re right for you.

Once we’ve learned about your business, we take a look under the hood of your IT.

This starts by capturing information about your people, how they work and the ways they use IT. From here, we can begin to paint a picture of the underlying IT infrastructure (such as desktop computers, mobile devices and servers).

Now with a complete view of your business and IT, we’ll share what we’ve learned and how we can help. This includes our Managed IT Service plans and what your investment might look like.

Our crystal-clear Service Level Agreement outlines exactly what you’re buying. It also highlights any limitations, and we’ll point out where you might incur extra costs.

More than this, we’ll answer your questions and make sure you’ve got all the information you need to make a comfortable decision.

Oh, and you’ve still not spent a single cent.

Woo-hoo – you’ve selected Tekspace as your MSP!

The very first thing we do is share everything we’ve learned about your business with our service team. Why? Because when they know about how you use IT, they’ll be better placed to help.

Next, we introduce ourselves to your people and pass on the information they need to get IT support.

In the following weeks, we’ll deploy our smart monitoring tools, security software and start our first IT Audit and Risk Assessment.

Why does IT outsourcing work?

Whether you’ve got an in-house IT capability or not, outsourcing IT can work for any business.

Replace your existing IT function

When you outsource IT, you’re getting many brains for the price of one. These aren’t only technical minds either. You’re upgrading your entire business with deep commercial IT knowledge too.

... or supercharge your in-house team

Working with a Managed Service Provider is a great way to improve IT in your business. Supercharge your IT processes, upskill your in-house IT team or focus them on more critical initiatives.

Want to learn more?

Dovier Bisinella

Company Secretary, John Blair Honda

Tekspace has helped us think about what we need - things that we haven’t thought about, because we can’t keep abreast of technology as it changes.

Dovier Bisinella

Company Secretary, John Blair Honda

Tekspace has helped us think about what we need - things that we haven’t thought about, because we can’t keep abreast of technology as it changes.
Answers to the most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding and comparing MSPs can be hard. We’re here to simplify the process with answers the questions we hear the most about our Managed IT Service.

What is a Managed IT Service?

A Managed IT Service is a mix of outsourced IT services that give your business a robust IT function. It’s like having your own IT department, but with an added strategic layer. We can help by solving technical issues, but we’re also there to help you with strategic guidance.

How much does Managed IT Services cost?

Tekspace has three Managed IT Services plans, so you can select the plan that best fits your needs. The plan you choose determines your fixed-price per user.

What's not included in your Managed IT Service?

Simply speaking, project initiatives make up most of what isn’t included. Beyond this, we have designed our SLA to show what you’re buying. Anything that isn’t in this document is excluded, but we’ll point out where you need to be mindful of common gotchas.

How is service performance measured?

Each month you’ll receive an SLA and Uptime report. These show how your systems have supported your people, and how we’ve performed against our commitments to you.

Can you help us migrate to the cloud?

Yep! Part of why we’re great at cloud migration is that we understand both ends of your journey. Our 10 years as an MSP means we know where you’re coming from, and our cloud-certified team know where you’re going. Learn more about Cloud Migration.

Do you do IT projects and consulting too?

Yes, we sure do. These initiatives will come up as we work together and learn more about where you want to take your business.

Where are you located?

Tekspace is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Melbourne, Australia. Our office is on St Kilda Road, about 4kms from Flinders Street Station by Tram. Contact us for more details.

Who are your ideal clients?

We’ve designed our Managed IT Service for small to medium-sized businesses with their headquarters in Melbourne. Our clients often have a national (even international) presence and are in a huge number of industries.