Managed Security Services

Turn your business into a fortress.

We’ve built (and continue to evolve) a layered set of Managed Security Services that will genuinely improve your organisation’s security posture.

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Only buy the services you need.

Combine our ‘service layers’ to create a customised Managed Security Service - one that tightly fits with the needs of your business today, and that changes over time.

Combine layers to create a customised Managed Security Service.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Protect each of your workstations and servers with AI-powered technology that can proactively identify and neutralise malicious activity.

Every suspicious event is sent back to our 24/7 Security Operations Centre, where the team investigates the threat.

Security Awareness Training

Your people are your business’ most vulnerable attack vector. This managed service adds a protective layer that filters your emails for malicious activity. Then, a continuous ‘year-round’ cyber-security education program is delivered to your people to minimise the risk of ransomware.

Launch simulated phishing attacks, automatically enrol staff in targeted security training and assessments when they are caught and track your business’ progress with detailed reporting.

Application Control

Protect against ransomware and malware by only allowing authorised applications to be installed and operate.

With Application Control, your people will be blocked from downloading and installing malicious software, and – if there is a breach – it will be far more difficult for malicious software to run. Once Application Control is installed, you can then use smart policies to define how your applications can integrate with others or access the internet.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) protects your business applications and data with a simple, streamlined, and secure login experience which verifies user identities before granting access.

MFA makes it harder for adversaries to access your systems, since they don’t have physical access to the MFA service.

Password Vault

A user-friendly app (and browser extension) your staff can use to store, access, and share corporate passwords.

Manage user permissions, share password folders, and enforce password policies across your entire organisation.

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"I know that when we pick up the phone to get help, the problem gets fixed. We don’t have to have a conversation about price. Our staff see Tekspace as part of our organisation."

Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors