By Frank De Pasquale| November 23, 2012

IT support, not just a commodity service

Often, demands for emergency response services are made, but are misaligned with areas of the business that do not contribute to the bottom line.

An intelligent IT Outsourcing firm will evaluate the flow of tickets, the priority, the cost and the impact, in real-time.

They will help you identify high cost employees, and critically, high cost problem areas that contribute to potential productivity or bottom line loss. In doing so, they can help you both stop and reverse the trend in your favor.

Five or ten tickets that belong in the email category is one thing, but what if there are hundreds, and you simply cannot tell which areas of the business are hurting due to lack of intelligent reporting.

Allowing your Outsourcing provider to process minor requests first, without understanding what really matters, can result in negative results. Equally, your IT Outsourcing firm needs to communicate clearly with you around what they perceive are critical needs, and then work with you to align their perceptions, and yours, to a mutual goal.

Does your IT Support provider understand your critical business systems? Do they know what they are? Would they be informed enough to identify problems that affect the highest profit generating parts of your business, and address them quickly?

A strong and strategic relationship with key stakeholders across your business and the IT Outsourcing firm, will ensure that the company supporting you can add value rather than just delivering commodity based IT Support services.