You have something to lose. Hackers don't.

That's why we make it hard for them, and a whole lot easier for you. With cyber security solutions that deploy quickly, layer together and materially improve your cyber security posture.

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We protect what you've worked hard to create

Our cyber security services help to protect your business against a wide range of cyber security threats.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Get 1-click ransomware rollback and a 24x7 security operations team.

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Security Awareness Training

Fully-automated. Reduce phishing click rates to 5% after 12 months.

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Essential 8 Assessments

Benchmark your IT environment, clearly identify and close the gaps.

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Icon - Integrate Implement with ease

Our cyber security services integrate with your existing systems, people and processes.

Icon - Arrow pointing upwards Uplift your security posture

Get solutions and expertise that materially improve your cyber security posture.

Icon - Shield Safeguard your business

Sleep well at night, knowing that your hard-earned assets are safe from bad actors.

Our cyber security services empower everyone
Get complete visibility

See and manage your cyber security posture with useful reporting and insights.

Achieve compliance, faster

Our services have been designed to help you meet compliance requirements.

We integrate with your business

Our team and market leading technologies connect directly with your existing teams and systems.

We connect into your processes

Enter new staff into cyber security training workflows, and automatically deactivate their accounts when they leave.

Faster incident investigation

Deep-dive analytics and audit trails to help you rapidly investigate incidents, should they occur.

Rapidly upskill your people

Multi-lingual and multi-modal training to help staff identify, understand and eliminate cyber security risks.

Integrate with existing systems

Manage user accounts, permissions, incidents and workflows through your existing systems.

Market-leading technologies

Our cyber security services are powered by the best software on the planet, which means you will too.

Extend your team with ours

Lean on our team of cyber security experts to handle incidents, process user requests, review suspicious mail and more.

World-class user experience

Implement powerful cyber security solutions that are convenient and simple to use.

Productivity and security, together

Lock-down your IT environment without adversely impacting staff productivity.

Smooth on-boarding and adoption

We give you educational material to ensure everyone, at every level, understands the tools and adapts to change.

The process is simple
1 Discover

We learn about your business, your IT footprint and what you're aiming to secure. We use these data points to suggest ways you can better secure your business.

2 Deploy

We configure and launch your cyber protections in a way that's best fit for your business. Where required, we can manage your solution too (so you don't have to).

3 Secure

Your precious data, systems and client information is more secure and safe from cyber attack.

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"What we have really seen is quite a balanced approach in terms of risk assessment and then the introduction and implementation of solutions. Tekspace understand and work within with our cost and systems limitations."

Greg Glubb, Managing Director at Allpress Espresso

What makes Tekspace different?
Search Icon Success driven communication

We go out of our way to ensure we understand and are aligned with your goals. We communicate clearly and candidly, even if that means we're not part of the solution.

Graduation Cap Icon Technology education

We've developed material to actively educate everyone, at every level to understand the technology we implement. From deployment to daily use, we believe that technology is more effective when its understood.

Search Icon Intelligent product selection

We always apply a rigorous benchmarking process to select products that are usable, highly effective, integrate into your existing IT systems and pair together to keep your business secure.

Keep informed

We regularly publish content designed to educate and keep you informed about the cyber security landscape.

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Frequently asked questions

Tekspace offers numerous cyber security services, each of which is firmly aimed at protecting a unique aspect of your business.

Through our journey, we've learned that most businesses create value for customers through a combination of their people and systems.

But it's in these places where vulnerabilities are exposed, and why we think it's important to protect both.

Tekspace's Cyber Security Services

There are a vast array of different cyber attacks that your business could be vulnerable to. What's more, this list is constantly growing and changing.

It would be nearly impossible (and very expensive!) to implement point cyber security solutions aimed at protecting against specific attacks. Instead, our cyber security services are designed to protect each of the attack surfaces in your business.

Broadly speaking, we group these services into two categories, "People" and "Systems". Then, within each category we have a range of services that are designed to make a material difference to your cyber security posture.

Our pricing model varies, depending on the cyber security service you'd like to deploy. Broadly speaking however, most of our cyber security services are charged on a monthly 'per unit' basis (i.e.: users or endpoints). Professional Services, such as Essential 8 Assessments, Cyber Security Risk Audits and Penetration Testing are typically invoiced on a fixed price or time and materials basis, depending on the nature of your business and it's IT environment.
We've helped numerous companies out of active cyber security incidents (such as ransomware attacks). If you're currently under attack, please contact us immediately.
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"I know that when we pick up the phone to get help, the problem gets fixed. We don’t have to have a conversation about price. Our staff see Tekspace as part of our organisation."

Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors