Who we are and what we do

At Tekspace we specialise in providing services to medium-sized and enterprise level Australian businesses with an increasing focus on strategic development and implementation of more effective IT strategies resulting in tangible revenue growth and cost savings.

Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic Outsourcing

Tekspace has recognised the benefits of IT outsourcing in that it typically allows a business to focus on the core competency needed to deliver its strategic objectives whilst leveraging our team to drive the ongoing management of both complex and ever changing IT systems.

Tekspace helps to grow efficiency

Delivering Efficiency

Our customers tell us that our approach to the management and service of their ICT systems has proven to deliver broad based efficiencies in their businesses that increase productivity and reduce cost. Re-investment of these savings in combination with alignment of IT strategy to your goals, results in our customers consistently meeting and exceeding their goals.

Mission Statement

To add value by first delivering the basics – infusing our IP to deliver operational efficiencies – and finally to implement and support IT investments and services that contribute directly to your measurable goals.

Core Competency

Tekspace’s core competency lies in our deep technical understanding of information technology (IT) and its intrinsic relationship with broader corporate and commercial drivers. To architect, implement and service a complex IT system, including the articulation and management of its value proposition to the broader business, requires a level of understanding beyond most providers, indeed some would say it needs to be part of your DNA.

IT is the core of what we do, it is all that we do and importantly we look beyond the technical issues most commonly associated with a company’s IT platform. Here at Tekspace we see IT strategy development, communication and linkages with the corporate direction as an important pillar in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals; as such our commercial, engineering and support staff are trained to technically and commercially comprehend your total business, resulting in not only an improved relationship between our business and yours, but higher measurable satisfaction levels, and importantly faster resolution and execution times.

Thought Leadership

At Tekspace we pride ourselves on leading the debate regarding the future direction of not only the IT market in general but the interdependence between IT as a service and its overlay across a company’s corporate strategy.

This shift in thinking helps align IT resources and people at all levels, with your corporate growth strategy, and results in IT investment that directly supports your goals, is agile, flexible, and able to meet your constantly changing business landscape as you grow.

Successful organisations are shifting their thinking around IT, from seeing it as a cost centre to that of a business enabler.

IT outsourcing with all its strategic and tactical products and components is a very powerful mechanism to ensure your company remains at the forefront of deployed IT systems, architecture and new technology adoption. Not only does outsourcing free up internal resources to focus on other value-adding tasks, but it also mitigates risk by shifting the technical and commercial risks associated with service delivery to your IT services provider


Protection of the planet is something we take seriously at Tekspace. We run a zero paper environment and we work hard developing our systems and processes in order to reduce our carbon footprint. This approach by the founder and executive team demonstrates a tangible commitment and understanding of broader environment issues

Environmental awareness and action has strong links to IT management methodology; and help customers leverage technology in ways that minimise their own impact on the environment, whilst reducing cost overheads; thereby achieving a mutual win.

Whether it be a paperless office or commitment to use of public transport when possible to service our clients, Tekspace is doing its part to create an environmentally aware business.

Quality Systems Approach

At Tekspace we understand that speed of delivery is of critical importance to an organisation but not at the expense of accuracy. Our review systems and approach ensures the right technical and design solution is delivered every time.

Tekspace build in as standard practice technical and engineering overhead to ensure systems redundancy. In the event of a disaster or a simple user error, you can be assured that your vital data and system integrity is fully protected

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