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Gain superior protection from phishing and ransomware with AI-powered email security solutions from Tekspace, optimised for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

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Email is the number one threat vector

Email is one of the most critical components of business communication, and it's under attack.

Last year, 92% of Australian organisations succumbed to a successful phishing attack - the highest of any region in the world. Why?

Email's wide user base makes it an attractive target.

Email has an open, unencrypted format, making it easily exploitable.

Email travels between networks and servers, which may have been compromised, before reaching a user’s inbox.

Cyber criminals can easily manipulate content and impersonate authorised senders.

What's worse is that popular cloud email services like Microsoft 365 often fail to catch malicious emails before they reach your staff.

So how do you protect yourself? By stopping malicious emails before they come anywhere near the inbox.

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Protect email flow in all directions

Our API-driven email security solution protects inbound, outbound and internal emails to protect your organisation against all email attacks - including insider threats. It can do this because it's API-driven, and sits behind Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

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Diagram: Email is protected in any direction - inbound, outbound and internally.
Diagram: Email is protected in any direction - inbound, outbound and internally.
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AI-powered email security

An advanced machine learning algorithm catches the emails that Microsoft and Google misses.

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Easy to deploy

Approve the app from your admin account and, in minutes, our email security solution will find phishing attacks.

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Powerful reporting

Detailed real-time reporting gives you the ability to analyse every aspect of a threat - including what would happen if it breached the network.

Built-in Data Loss Prevention for Microsoft 365
Built-in Data Loss Prevention for Microsoft 365

Data Loss Prevention for Microsoft 365

Built-in DLP capabilities give you control over who your Microsoft 365 data is shared with, and how it's shared with them. Identify and automatically secure any confidential information, using a block, alert, encrypt method.

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Scan and secure every file, no matter where they are

Protect your organisation from malicious email attachments, malware-infected files, or files with phishing links no matter whether they're stored in Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox.

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Diagram: Email is protected in any direction - inbound, outbound and internally.
Diagram: Email is protected in any direction - inbound, outbound and internally.

Here's how it works

1. Discovery

We learn about your goals, show you the solution and you decide if we're a good fit for your organisation.

2. Free proof of concept

We enrol you a risk-free, two week POC. Our email security solution is placed behind your existing technology and you see how much we catch that your current solution doesn't.

3. Protect your organisation

Once you give the green light, you'll have one of the world's leading email security solutions protecting your entire organisation.

The cyber security world is full of solutions, but very few will make a meaningful difference

That's why every solution we stand by is benchmarked against our SECOPS weighted matrix to ensure it will have impact.

Impact is when the solution 'respects the operator' by minimising noise and false alerts; when it 'respects leadership' by producing reports that can be acted on; or when it works harmoniously with your other solutions.

But most importantly, impact is when the IP you've worked hard to create is protected.

Hear from our clients

Discover how our IT assessment and cyber security risk audit helped to strengthen the operations of our valued customers.

RetPro Globe International Cheetham Salt Allpress Espresso

"What we have really seen is quite a balanced approach in terms of risk assessment and then the introduction and implementation of solutions. My dealings with Tekspace have been positive, because they understand and work within with our cost and systems limitations.”

Greg Glubb, General Manager, Allpress Espresso

“Working with Tekspace has helped us to think more about IT and what it does for our business. It's also given us better access to a greater breadth and depth of knowledge, which is spread across their entire team."

David B, Financial Controller, Civil Planning Firm

Perfect your protective posture

Are you looking for a premium email security solution that will protect your business from phishing and ransomware? Expert email security providers, Tekspace, can help.

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Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors