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Manage and mitigate your cyber security risk today. Our comprehensive cyber security audit identifies exploitable areas within your infrastructure and provides a prioritised initiative roadmap to resolve these weaknesses.

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As the threat landscape becomes more mature, cyber attacks are posing a greater risk to your business. The effects of a successful attack could be devastating for your organisation. Without a robust security posture, your operations, your reputation and your profitability are all vulnerable.

As every system within your IT infrastructure presents a potential attack vector, it is essential that you establish a multi-layered, holistic cyber security approach. Our IT assessment and cyber security risk audit gives you full visibility into the status of your systems. By examining every area of your IT, we help you to strengthen your protections, invest in the most effective solutions and minimise your overall vulnerability.

Your vulnerabilities: managed, minimised and mitigated

At Tekspace, we have streamlined and perfected the methodology for our IT assessment and cyber security risk audit to deliver expertise, advice and solutions as clearly and efficiently as possible.


Holistic IT Assessment

Our IT assessment and cyber security risk audit provides a clear analysis of your business’ IT footprint, allowing you to easily identify areas that need strengthening. Our assessment is designed to give a high-level analysis of your entire IT environment, in order to reveal your most critical vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


Comprehensive Report

Once the IT assessment is complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your vulnerabilities from most to least critical. For complete clarity, we use a traffic light system. We also provide a benchmark against the NIST framework, highlighting your compliance gaps.


Solution Pathways

Our report will also include a prioritised list of changes and initiatives that you can implement across your business to mitigate your cyber security risk and provide your IT environment with the most effective defence possible. We will then help you to create a roadmap to implement these changes.


Control and Visibility

We carry out our IT assessment and security risk audit every quarter. With each assessment, you can see your security gaps closing and the emergence of any new risks. This provides complete visibility and control over your security environment, as you can now manage previously unseen, unknown threats.

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RetPro Globe International Cheetham Salt Allpress Espresso

"What we have really seen is quite a balanced approach in terms of risk assessment and then the introduction and implementation of solutions. My dealings with Tekspace have been positive, because they understand and work within with our cost and systems limitations.”

Greg Glubb, General Manager, Allpress Espresso

“Working with Tekspace has helped us to think more about IT and what it does for our business. It's also given us better access to a greater breadth and depth of knowledge, which is spread across their entire team."

David B, Financial Controller, Civil Planning Firm

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Do you need greater visibility into your IT environment and expert guidance on implementing superior security solutions? Book an IT assessment and cyber security risk audit from Tekspace today to begin evaluating your IT infrastructure and uncovering your vulnerabilities.

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Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors