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Enhance your security posture and defend your business against the damaging effects of cyber threats by implementing the Essential 8 framework.

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Protect your business with our Essential 8 assessment

Are you looking to improve your business’ maturity level and protect your organisation against pervasive cyber threats? Tekspace provide a dedicated Essential 8 assessment to help you assess, review and improve your cyber security posture. Our process is as follows:



We start by benchmarking your IT systems, processes and security measures against the ISM Security Controls.


Security Posture

Once the benchmark is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report of your security posture.



The report shows a complete overview of every ISM Security Control related to the Essential Eight.

What's in the report?

1. Essential 8 Benchmark

We show where the ISM Security Controls were met, and where they weren't. The more Security Controls that are met, the higher the Maturity Level you’ll achieve.

2. Recommendations

Recommendations to meet the ISM Security Controls and attain the highest Maturity Level for each mitigation strategy.

3. Investment Breakdown

A breakdown of investment (both in terms of product and services) to implement each of the recommended solutions.

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What is the Essential 8?

The Essential 8 is a risk management framework, developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) designed to help businesses tackle key security concerns. The Essential 8 is made up of eight crucial mitigation strategies.

Application Control

Patch Applications

Patch Operating Systems

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

User Application Hardening

Admin Privilege Restriction

Multi-factor Authentication

Regular Backups

What is the Essential 8 maturity model?

The Essential 8 framework has four defined maturity levels (zero through three). These levels help your business determine your current security level, and any improvements they can implement. In order to achieve a maturity level for a mitigation strategy, you must meet a set of Security Controls laid out by the Information Security Manual (ISM).


Maturity Level Zero

This level means that there are weaknesses in a business’ security posture that could expose a business to data breaches or exploitation of systems or information.


Maturity Level One

With Level One Maturity, businesses are protected against opportunistic adversaries who use widely available tradecraft to attack any victim that has a common weakness.


Maturity Level Two

In Level Two, businesses are protected against more mature adversaries, who are more selective in their targeting and willing to invest more time and resources into their attack methods.


Maturity Level Three

In Level Three, businesses are protected against adversaries using highly sophisticated and tailored tradecraft, specific to particular targets.

What are the benefits for your business?

The Australian Government recommends the Essential 8 to all organisations, regardless of industry, size or geography, because the benefits are so significant.


Protect against common cyber attacks

The Essential 8 creates a multi-layered approach to cyber security, with each individual strategy protecting your business in a different way. This provides you with a comprehensive defence against common threats.


Minimise the impact of security incidents

Implementing the Essential 8 ensures that if a security breach or incident occurs, the damage is contained and minimised. This allows your business to bounce back efficiently and remain operational.


Framework to measure security risk

The Essential 8 provides a solid, quantifiable framework to benchmark your business against to identify and measure your cyber security risk. This also ensures that your business is compliant with ASD security advice.


Cost effective

The potential costs of a cyber attack could be crippling for your business. Implementing the low cost, high-impact Essential 8 mitigation strategies will be far cheaper than the cost of a breach, making it an intelligent investment for your organisation.

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