Your Challenges

Protect the integrity of my business by ensuring critical data is backed up and recoverable

Rapidly recover and restore data and complete IT systems to production level.

Minimise disruption and impact on my staff and customers during a disaster.

Reduce overhead associated with Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Simplify the management of Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Avoid long backup windows that eat into our business hours.

Our Approach

Identify and agree on acceptable risk levels for both Backup and Disaster Recovery with you, by first establishing your acceptable Recovery Point, Recovery Time and Recovery data objectives as explained below.

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

A measure of the maximum time period in which data might be lost.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

A measure of the time it takes to recover a failed service. RTO is measured from the moment a business decides to invoke recovery.

Recovery Data Objective (RDO)

A measure of the time it takes to recover specific data both locally and remotely from the moment the recovery process is commenced.

How it works

Through our services, you can replicate your critical IT systems and data to top tier data centers across Australia and globally.

We combine traditional and cloud based technology to fulfil your specific Backup and Disaster Recovery needs.

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