The Three Pillars of a Sturdy Cyber Security Structure

For years, businesses have recognised the importance of cyber security and the growing rise of the cyber threat; yet few could have predicted just how exponentially that threat would rise in recent years.

Our shift into the Cloud and our rapid adoption of remote working has created a growing ‘market’ for cyber criminals. Yet while their efforts and efficiencies have increased, not all business leaders have kept pace with the changes, and as they fail to adapt to an increasingly complex cyber threat, their defences become increasingly flawed.

What does it take to solidify your sturdy cyber posture – and what are the pillars of this rigid defensive structure?

The Human Firewall

The Human Firewall is your most frequently targeted and easily-exploited. Yet don’t believe for a minute that it’s your least effective.

Cyber criminals know that their easiest ‘in’, and the quickest way to compromise your operations, is by appealing to human nature. Phishing emails – the oldest and most effective trick in the criminal playbook – might distribute damaging malware, spyware and ransomware, but they will always rely on people to allow them into your business. Educating users on their own vulnerabilities, responsibilities and ability to spot suspicious activity is they key to not letting criminals get a foot in the door – and that begins with regular, up-to-date security awareness training.

Your people are your Human Firewall, and they fill the gaps that no technology can. With the right training, they can be your most formidable defence.

Passive Defence

Your passive defences are exactly that – passive. Constantly running, automatically updating and set up to your unique defensive needs.

Passive defences include solutions such as your anti-virus software, network firewalls and mail filters. With the cyber threat evolving, however, many of these offer extensive setup options that let you better control your security requirements. For example, many businesses apply different security policies to their production servers than they do their fleet of desktops or laptops. In the event of a security incident, you might decide to disconnect a laptop from all network and internet connections, but treat your mail server differently.

It’s important to remember that no single security solution is an instant-win provision, nor are any of these ready ‘out of the box’. Cyber security is an evolving discipline, and implementation alone is rarely enough – a fact more and more businesses are mistakenly overlooking.

Passive defences are nothing less than essential, but a common mistake is assuming their implementation alone will suffice. That’s exactly why providers such as Tekspace exist – to help businesses such as yours overcome this overwhelming task.

Active Defences

Finally, there are your active defences; dedicated, vigilant and owner-operated defences that combine your human firewall, your passive defences and expert security experience to keep constant track of your security posture.

Some of these active defences are easily operable by end users: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), for example, empowers users to identify themselves personally at login stages, while password managers help them keep track of the staggering number of credentials we’re forced to remember daily – a staggering 100, according to a 2021 research paper by NordPass.

Active Defences, where necessary, can be more specialist too. A managed security service such as Security Information Events Management (SIEM) can not only provide detailed and up-to-the-minute security reports, but when coupled with a Security Operations Centre (SOC) it can be overseen via the all-seeing-eyes of specialist surveillance experts. For those who operate 24/7 services or are forced to adhere to the strictest and most stringent compliance responsibilities, these solutions go a long way to providing all-bases-covered security.

Cyber Security doesn’t have to be a struggle

At Tekspace, we believe your cyber security solutions should leave you feeling empowered, not overwhelmed. That’s why provide all-around protection that lets you concentrate on your business success.

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