While businesses regularly expect cybersecurity as standard across their technologies, many ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions are ill-equipped to tackle the emerging cyberthreat – something Managed Cybersecurity can help to overcome.

What is Managed Cybersecurity?

Managed Cybersecurity ensures your cyber security provisions are managed, on your behalf, by a team of cyber security experts. This means technologies such as your endpoint protection, firewalls and application controls stay are up to date, best in class and working cost-effectively, with expert oversight. Typically overseen by a dedicated Managed Service Provider such as Tekspace, Managed Cybersecurity ensures your infrastructure stays protected by the experts and you rarely (if ever) need to lay a finger on your protective technologies.

The shape of this management can change, depending on the solution and the scope of the management services. For example, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) combines your EDR software with a team of cyber security experts, responsible for any and all services including threat management, software updates, reporting and more.

When Might a Business Need Managed Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity awareness is growing – but can it match the growing rate of the cyber threat?

According to a 2022 Cyber Threat Report by SonicWall, global governments experienced a 1,885% increase in ransomware attacks in 2021; a staggering metric, but entirely indicative of the growing cyber scourge. Worldwide, the threat has increased by 105%: the probability of an attack on all global businesses has effectively doubled.

For businesses that don’t have an in-house cyber security team, Managed Cybersecurity is essential, not least in this threat climate. While few businesses lack cyber security awareness – indeed, it is a long-running priority among businesses worldwide – many are yet to grasp the extent of its growth. Not only this, but changes to the way business technologies are operated, and the growth of Cloud-operated services, means many will need sweeping security changes.

Yet even for those with internal teams, Managed Cybersecurity makes a lot of sense. Most businesses have a small group of people who are responsible for IT; support, project initiatives, IT processes, strategy, recruitment, software development and more. Yet cybersecurity is a whole other deep and nuanced field of expertise. With their security managed by an expert, outsourced provider, internal teams can be liberated of a distracting (if essential) IT concern and win back the bandwidth for more progressive IT results.

What’s at stake?

While larger companies make for louder headlines, cyber criminals aren’t strictly going for the biggest bank accounts – rather, they’re targeting any business dealing with vast amounts of data or personal information. The threat of data regulation failures provides plenty of opportunity for extortion, for example, while stolen data can fetch a pretty penny on the dark web for criminals looking to kick-start an all new data-mining or phishing campaign.

Cybercrime comes in many guises, and while the motivation is always monetary gain, its effects on your business are multiple. Ransomware can effectively halt all business operations; phishing can see your service passwords compromised via social manipulation; and data breaches affect your reputation, disrupt your operations and could even carry data protection penalties from the authorities.

What should your cybersecurity entail?

A managed cybersecurity setup compiles several protective techniques – some technical, some educational – and provides a layered approach to defence. At Tekspace, we’ve learned that your business creates value through your people and its systems. Managed Cybersecurity helps both reach their full potential; liberating your IT teams for more progressive technical results, and protecting your entire infrastructure with an expertly implemented, fully bespoke cyber security mesh. Your people are protected through security awareness training, password management and multifactor authentication, while your systems are secured behind Managed EDR, Email Security and Application Control.

The more solutions you enrol via Managed Cybersecurity, the more proficient they become too; your provider is familiar with your infrastructure, can work to make your protective solutions completely compatible, and can even setup your security based on the needs and functions of your business.

Simplify your managed cybersecurity with Tekspace

At Tekspace, we specialise in business fortification, delivering nothing but bespoke and collaborative managed cybersecurity that works to your business needs, protects your users, and is flexible to the way you work.

To enquire about our protective solutions and to see how a managed cybersecurity solution can better protect your assets, feel free to contact us – we’d be more than happy to help.

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