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From Mike Ross on

4 Jun

5 Tips: How to drop IT downtime and boost productivity

For every 20 staff, your business loses one full-time employee worth of productivity to IT downtime every year. *jaws drop* Could you please pick that up off the floor? It’s an OHS issue. Besides, soon you’ll have solutions to some of the leading factors that are stealing productivity from your business.

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From Mike Ross on

28 May

4 IT security threats you can fix for your business now

Imagine your business as a fortress on a hill. Inside it’s walls, the vaults are straining under the weight of your precious treasure (files and intellectual property). Like any fortress, yours has doors; but doors (as convenient as they are) are vulnerabilities that can be exploited by those who want your treasure to themselves.

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Gruskin, Director of Investments at Omega Global Investors

Andrew Gruskin
Director of Investments, Omega Global Investors