As is commonplace in most industries, everybody within the Managed Services Provider (MSP) and IT sphere boasts to have the perfect product, or solution, for you. Each IT service provider claims to be a better resource than the last, and you half expect your initial contract to be hand-delivered to you on a burnished silver tray, where you’ll hurriedly sign away your IT woes on the dotted lines with a Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pen.

So, why can finding the right IT service provider feel like such a labyrinthine journey? Simple: amid the jargon and false promises, you need to identify what’s important to you and your business, and ensure your IT service provider is on the same page.

What Makes a Great IT Service Provider?

When scouring the web for an organisation you feel safe entrusting with your IT needs, there are a number of key components to consider. We have devised a checklist, of sorts, to help you identify what it takes to be a great IT service provider:

Proactive support and maintenance are prerequisites of any IT service provider. The break-fix model can be both time-consuming and costly, your provider should be proactively, and pre-emptively, working to ensure your systems are maintained. If you are having to constantly reach out to your provider and report an issue, they are failing in their role as your support system. If your organisation is repeatedly suffering from disconnects or drops in performance, then you are not receiving the basic service you are paying for.

An experienced IT service provider brings the added value of time within the field. This is certainly not exclusive to the world of IT, but the benefits of partnering with seasoned IT experts is invaluable. They are likely to have a far better grasp of the business solutions you use, have maturity behind their processes, be able to identify potential issues before they arise and provide you with advice on how to best operate and build your IT infrastructure.

Is their culture aligned with your own? Choosing the right IT service provider can be very similar to the hiring process. Before entering into an agreement, you want to be sure they are able to fulfil their role, they have similar experience (in this instance, their clientele) and they are going to be a good fit, culturally. You will want to build a good relationship with your IT service provider, so they have your total trust in managing your IT, it is therefore a good idea to get to know their team, perhaps check how responsive they are later in the evenings, or at weekends, and offer feedback to see how well it is received.


Tekspace’s Managed IT Services

Through our Managed IT Services, we aim to drive your business’ growth, enable your people to develop and inform your strategic IT decisions. We have been working in the ever-changing world of IT for more than 16 years, working across an array of different sectors.

If Tekspace sounds like the right fit for you, we’d love you to get in touch and help us, help you, grow.

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